Thursday, January 01, 2009

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We welcome any and all comments, questions or general feedback you have to share with us (either Joé, Melissa, or both). First, please check and make sure your question hasn't already been answered in the appropriate Frequently Asked Questions section. (It gets tiring to answer the same questions over and over again, you see.)

If your question has indeed not already been answered (or it's not a question), then please use the contact form below.

If for whatever reason the form above isn't working, then simply send a regular eMail to Our Inbox is checked every day and we read every single eMail we receive, and if appropriate, we answer as well. A reply might not be instantaneous, but we promise any query will be answered within a day or two.

Be warned, though, that we will ignore any eMails that are just plain obnoxious or annoying. We can take honest criticism (and even welcome it), but "you're idiots" and such will be happily overlooked. Furthermore, any eMails we receive that are overly vile, or contain any threats of physical violence towards us or anyone else, will be posted on the blog in full (perhaps edited for coherence), re-posted in the Idiots' Corner, along with full identifying information about the source. Any immediate threats, should they ever occur, will be immediately forwarded to law enforcement. Be cool with us and everything will be fine.