Thursday, January 01, 2009

Site Rules & Policies

Respectful Defiance is exceedingly lax in many ways: just about anything goes, but there are a few rules and limits that are not to be broken or breached, less the offending party be banned for good (or just yelled at for a while).

First of all, be warned that any eMails sent to us that contain a threat of violence will be posted on the blog for all to see, and we'll be sure to include all personally identifying information. Basically: you be an ass, and we'll expose you, who and where you are, for all to see. Your eMail will also be posted in the Idiots' Corner section for all to laugh at.

In addition, any eMails or comments containing threats of violence or anything else will immediately be forwarded to law enforcement. Be warned. This is not something we joke around with.

Comment Moderation

Anyone can post anything they want: you're free to be as snarky, insulting or downright annoying as you want, and we won't stop you (though we will probably yell at you a little if you act like an idiot). This site is strongly anti-censorship, but there are a few notable exceptions, described below.

  1. No Trolling.
    Trolling is when someone only writes comments intended to inflame others and create arguments and anger, without actually discussing anything. Trolls are pathetic losers and we simply do not have any time or patience for them. Trolling comments will be deleted on-sight, and trolls will be banned at the very first offense.
  2. No Thread Derailing.
    Thread derailment is when someone writes comments intended, if not to spawn anger and flame-wars, to derail a thread and lead it entirely elsewhere from the matter at hand. Off-topic comments are accepted of course, but don't go overboard. Thread derailment comments will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be banned.
  3. No Excessive Personal Attacks.
    You certainly have the right to call people out as idiots, liars, hypocrites, jerks, assholes, generally depraved fuckwits and the likes, but try not to go too far. This is a general-audiences website after all; not as in "people could get offended", but as in "we have standards".
  4. Just don't be an ass.
    Can't phrase it better than that. Foul language, risky subjects and the likes are of course accepted, but don't be overly obnoxious. Really, just behave civilly and everything will be fine.