Thursday, January 01, 2009

Our Film Reviews

This is a collection of film reviews we've conjured up over time. Our coverage of movies is fairly sporadic, so don't expect new reviews to pop up at regular intervals, but from time to time.

Please note that the opinion of one does not reflect the views of the other; Mel and I very often disagree on the quality or enjoyability of a movie – or even what makes a movie "good" in the first place. (I rate movies based on how much I enjoyed them, and why, quite simply. Mel tends to take a more technical, in-depth approach, evaluating the film's themes and what it tried to accomplish.)

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From newest to oldest:

J-20: 'Click' – 8.0/10
Written 15/05/09 by Joé McKen

J-19: 'Gran Torino' – 9.0/10
Written 02/05/09 by Joé McKen

J-18: 'Fast & Furious' – 7.5/10
Written 28/04/09 by Joé McKen

J-17: 'Ben X' – 8.5/10
Written 14/04/09 by Joé McKen

J-16: 'The Planet of the Apes' – 7.5/10
Written 10/04/09 by Joé McKen

J-15: 'Deep Impact' – 8.0/10
Written 10/04/09 by Joé McKen

M-01: 'Monsters vs. Aliens'
Written 30/03/09 by Melissa

J-14: 'The Astronaut Farmer' – 8.0/10
Written 29/03/09 by Joé McKen

J-13: 'Armageddon' – 7.0/10
Written 27/03/09 by Joé McKen

J-12: 'Knowing' – 7.0/10
Written 24/03/09 by Joé McKen

J-11: 'The Time Machine' – 7.0/10
Written 19/03/09 by Joé McKen

J-10: 'Dances with Wolves' – 9.0/10
Written 14/03/09 by Joé McKen

J-09: 'Secondhand Lions' – 9.0/10
Written 10/03/09 by Joé McKen

J-08: 'Lakeview Terrace' – 8.0/10
Written 09/03/09 by Joé McKen

J-07: 'The Core' – 7.0/10
Written 07/03/09 by Joé McKen
Part I/II: Film Review of The Core
Part II/II: Scientific Review of The Core

J-06: 'Grave of the Fireflies' – 8.0/10
Written 28/02/09 by Joé McKen

J-05: 'Rain Man' – 8.0/80
Written 14/02/09 by Joé McKen

J-04: 'The Dark Knight' – 8.5/10
Written 10/02/09 by Joé McKen

J-03: 'WALL·E' – 9.5/10Joé's Favorite Movie
Written 09/02/09 by Joé McKen

J-02: 'Marley & Me' – 7.0/10
Written 09/02/09 by Joé McKen

J-01: 'Bolt' – 8.5/10
Written 08/02/09 by Joé McKen