Thursday, February 12, 2009

Antivaccionists shut up by a court + U2 on David Letterman!

A double-update here, because I didn't feel like creating two separate updates. You can call me lazy-ass later. :)

Unos – "Vaccinations-cause-Autism" quacks have been silenced by a court's decision.

One thing I detest as much as Religious fundamentalism or insanity, if not even more, is medical quackery. Specifically, antivaccinationists. These are the kooks, quacks and related morons who go about telling people not to use vaccines on themselves, or their children, because they cause – among other things – Autism. Yes, they fear those great bossy pharmaceuticals are giving the people Autism in syringes.

This story has a long history behind it, and for some general info on what this stupid trend is about along with some good debunking by a credible (and accredited) medical professional, check out some of the entries on Respectful Insolence, the long-running and popular blog by MD 'Orac'. He takes great delight in tearing these stupid claims down point-by-point with *actual evidence and medicine/science*, not lunatics claims.

These quacks make me angry because not only are they stupid and ignorant public faces (already usually enough to attract my ire), but these twits spread their delusions and disinformation to the people, far too many of which then follow along and renounce vaccinations for themselves and their kids. I don't give a damn if 'mature' adults refuse vaccinations. They can refuse oxygen and food for all I care. But the great crime, for me, is when they deprive their children, innocents who live at their parents' mercy, of these crucial and life-saving vaccinations. Many, many people have died since this trend began sometime in the late '90s if I remember correctly. The news has the odd article here and there, which you can find with a minimum of searching.

These ignorant morons don't just annoy me because they're stupid. They annoy me because THEY KILL PEOPLE. Literally. Causing someone's death, whether by stabbing them, or by denying them the knowledge to know how to take care of themselves, are equal offenses in my moral book. Normally I'd go on about how 'if they're that stupid then they deserve to die', but jeez, even I'm not that cold when it comes to innocent kids who never had a fucking chance. This isn't just about 'Autism-causing vaccines', either. The whole denialism/antivaccionist saga has me withering. (Don't even get me started on that Christine Maggiore bitch, the sadly-famous HIV denialist who killed her infant daughter by preventing her from receiving critical treatment to combat HIV and AIDS.)

I seem to be sliding into digression again in my rants. Back on topic. Well, once again, a court has ruled against some of these patently stupid lawsuits, declaring that there is no evidence at all that Measles vaccines and co. are any cause to Autism (or any neurological disorder for that case).

A special court has ruled against parents with autistic children, saying that vaccines are not to blame for their children's neurological disorder.

The judges in the cases said the evidence was overwhelmingly contrary to the parent's claims — and backed years of science that found no risk.

Yet another nail in these morons' coffin. Can't they just lay down and wait a few minutes while we put all the nails in, then padlock the coffin, encase it in cement and throw it into the Marianas Trench?

And now, finally, onto some good news: U2! DAVID LETTERMAN! ALL WEEK! YAY!!!

... Does that need further explaining? Alright, I suppose. To promote their upcoming album, 'No Line on the Horizon' (due on shelves, and in my CD Player, on March 03, 2009, for North American markets), the world's biggest Rock band (hey, a commercial said it, not me) will be appearing on David Letterman's 'Late Show' from March 02 to the sixth. A whole week with my favorite band on the planet ... *hyperventilates*

This almost puts me in a fine mood after that antivaccionist bullshit! :P


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