Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another stupid "religious discrimination" story ...

One of the problems with religion is that it holds many customs that have to be upheld, no matter how pointless, tiring or even uncomfortable/dangerous they may be. And of course, anyone who points out that pious sheep look or act like twits, deserves to be whipped a few times across the nuts, shot in the head, then stabbed in the eye. It's funny; if someone wore a tutu to work, laughing at the twit would be perfectly acceptable, yet if the tutu was based in religion, suddenly it's a no-go zone. So hypocritical.

This is the point of the story of Niklaus Leuenberger, the manager of one of NYC's fanciest hotels, who happened to make one slip in judgment (if you may call it that; I'd call it 'telling it as it is'), and immediately lost his job. His transgression? He told a Catholic employee to clean off the stupid ashen crucifix plastered on his forehead for Ash Wednesday (you know, another pointless religious custom ...).

"Wipe that f-----g s--t off your face," managing director Niklaus Leuenberger told a bell captain at the New York Palace Hotel on Feb. 25, sources said.

The unholy ultimatum ended up costing Leuenberger his job at the Palace, a swanky 55-story tower on Madison Ave. across the street from St. Patrick's Cathedral.

"As of Monday, March 23, Leuenberger is no longer employed by the New York Palace," hotel spokeswoman Teresa Delaney told the Daily News Tuesday.

The incident was deemed so severe, Christopher Cowdray, head of the London-based Dorchester Collection, which owns the Palace, flew here to hand Leuenberger the pink slip.

Wow, the big boss himself had to fly over to personally fire Leuenberger! Admittedly he hadn't exactly been graceful – even I would just have said 'wipe that dumb thing off, will ya?' instead of calling it 'fucking shit' (assuming that's what the censorship is meant to cover up) – but this was nothing to lose his job over, especially such a prestigious spot in the societal echelon.

So, because he told a religious worker to clean himself up and make himself look more presentable to the public and clientèle (which would also negate any potential accusations of 'advertising' his Catholicism), the poor man was kicked out for telling an idiot he looked like an idiot.

Sometimes, fools just need to be told they look like fools. Leuenberger should've perhaps been reprimanded for his language, but that's really it. Anything else is just excessive overreacting – you know, just what Christians do when they see a supposed threat that's revealed to be a cockroach in importance.


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