Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Christian cultist mother whines about judge bias in public schooling

Here's just yet another example of how religion – in particular religious cults — can screw things up for pretty much everyone. A Christian cultist mother, Venessa Mills of Wake County in North Carolina, is accusing the judge that oversaw her messy and bitter divorce of ending her kids' homeschooling due to bias regarding her religious beliefs.

Wake County Judge Ned Mangum granted Thomas and Venessa Mills joint custody of their children — ages 10, 11 and 12 — and ruled that the children's "best interest" would be served by sending them to public school this fall, according to a temporary custody order.

But Venessa Mills insists her association with the Sound Doctrine Church played a "big factor" in Mangum's ruling, in which he also ordered her to undergo a mental health assessment within 30 days.

"He disregarded the facts and said that even though the children are thriving in home school, they'd do better in public school," Venessa Mills told "It's a clear cover-up by the judge. He made a bad ruling about home schooling and he is clearly covering his tracks."

Yes, of course that's what it is, dear nutcase. It couldn't possibly be the fact that a) public schooling actually is better than homeschooling for most kids who ever want a normal social life, and b) you actually are a religious nutcase, now, can it?

The cult in question of which she's a member, the Sound Doctrine Church (jeez, even the name evokes the feeling of 'cult!'), has often been accused, particularly be ex-members, of being run by 'fear and manipulation' and that the leaders, Tim and Carla Williams, regularly ruin tear families apart and ruin relationships between spouses and their children. It also has a troubling penchant towards sexuality in little girls (who'd a thunk it?), as several ex-members state the 'church''s leaders often made deviant and disturbing sexual comments to and of young children.

"After I joined Sound Doctrine, Tim Williams told me that my oldest daughter (then age 12) was the kind of girl men would take advantage of, that my middle daughter (then age 7) was the kind of girl that would sleep with any guy, and that my youngest daughter (age 4) was the kind of girl that would use her looks to seduce men," [Jessica Gambill, former member] testified.

What is with religion and sexual perversions? You've got priests screwing little boys left right and center in the media, cults with obsessions over little girls' sexualities, and countless other examples I'm too woozy from my damn flu to think of just yet. Sounds like someone screaming 'Freudian complexes!' to me ...


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