Friday, March 20, 2009

Clash of the Titans

President Obama just appeared on 'The Tonight Show' with Jay Leno. It was a thrilling and enlightening experience, witnessing the clash of the two titans in their respective fields – Leno at posing all the toughest questions very pointedly, Obama at answering just such questions in his usual honest and intelligent manner. Leno certainly didn't hold back, and overall it was a very enticing spectacle for one and all I sure hope no-one reading this missed.

Naturally, it wasn't as light-hearted and comedic as most of Leno's guest segments usually are, what with it being about Obama's actions and policies regarding the recession and all, but there were still some laugh-out-loud moments amidst the sober remindings of how screwed up the world is until further notice. Obama seemed to have a knack for giving off the sort of answers that ended in massive applause or even standing ovations – I might very well've been one of them, had I been there.

For those who still haven't seen it, keep scouring the Web, namely YouTube – it'll pop on there on only a matter of minutes, I imagine (if it hasn't already). It deserves a viewing at least.

In case you can't find the video, the White House just released the official transcript of the show. Enjoy!


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