Tuesday, March 24, 2009

HMS Texas Education is sinking into sea of anti-Science stupidity

The Texas State Board of Education has a mile-long track record of stupidity when it comes to deciding schooling curriculum in Texas insitutions of education, especially when it comes to Science classrooms and the teaching of Evolution. They are arguably a pillar in the world of the Evolution vs. Creationism debate, a living testament to the infernal retardation of the Southern US, which is only supported by the hilarity of them electing, as their leader, Don McLeroy ... a creationist, an incompetent copycat, and a dentist.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against dentists. It's a fine career for those who somehow like playing around in people's mouths all day, and they do fine work (most of the time anyway). I just don't think dentistry has any credibility when it comes to deciding how to govern Science education in public schools, particularly the teaching of Evolution, no more than paleontology has credibility in psychology. It's just not their field. So, already, that's strike one against McLeroy's credibility as Leader of the Texas schooling board. Why didn't they choose to elect someone in the domain of, say, education, for starters?

And of course, him being a creationist (strike two!) is just par for the course when it comes to southern conservative officials. It is deplorable that he's allowed to lead the entire State Education Board, though. Normally, it would be funny, in an ironic way, that someone who allows his stupid and patently wrong and thoroughly scientifically-disproven beliefs to blind him to all the evidence there is for Evolution ... if it wasn't so terrifying that he's directly at the helm of one of the largest school boards in America.

And lastly, he's also a plagiarist (strike three)! He tried to cast doubt on Darwin and his theories by reading aloud several quotes that, turns out, weren't his, but were cherry-picked and quote-mined from a variety of other sources, notably a creationist blog. He's tried to negate this like a coward, but of course, the evidence is there for him to wallow in it, the stupid twit. How stupid does he think we are?

Anyway, enough about this tool. The real point of this post is to warn folks: the Texas Education Board is now holding a week of debates that will conclude by deciding how Evolution will be taught in Texan school classrooms. They are once again attempting to reiterate the flawed and cowardly 'strengths and weaknesses' approach to trying to discredit Evolution, where they pretend to analyze Evolution's weaknesses, despite the fact it has none (everything is explained, everything fits, and those who deny this are simply ignorant). It's an attempt that's already been defeated a while back, and now is resurfacing, rearing its ugly head in hopes that we can jab its eyes out again.

So, what can you do to influence the Light of Reason to shining down on these idiots and leading the way? You can either follow a live-blogging session that will cover the event, or you can show up and testify for yourself. This probably will be rather ineffective, but it certainly is better than standing by while your kids' futures (and your own, if you're still in school) are being decided by incompetent deluded morons with an agenda to peddle through.

Lord help Texas.


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