Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I've never been prouder to be an atheist

That is, now that I've discovered something I can NOT believe I've never heard of. Introducing, to the two or three cretins like me who've never heard of them before, 'The Atheist Experience' from Houston, Texas. (Yes, finally some southerners that don't sweat Bible verses.)

Official site with info @ http://www.atheist-experience.com/.

You can also watch most, if not all, of these videos on YouTube – just search for 'atheist experience'.

Forgive me if I don't go into details and description as I usually do, only I've got a few years' worth of videos to cram in ... But here's the basic set-up: you've got one or two 'hosts', atheists, who accept calls from anyone from fundies to Creationists to other atheists to folks that don't really have a particular opinion, about anything from religion and philosophy to science. Those folks ask questions, the hosts reply as best as they can, and it's all unscripted and improvised, which means much of the time the results are totally unpredictable – half the time it's all fine and dandy, the other half the caller nearly strokes in a fit of delusional rage (wait, isn't that typical of religiots?) while the hosts, who seem to possess truly divine patience and cool-headedness, either cut them off or just laugh in sheer amusement.

This is the stuff that comprises my wet-dreams. Now excuse me while I watch a few more snippets of sanity, reason and science from the South. *Slams door shut*


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