Monday, March 16, 2009

More homophobia retardedness from Oklahoma

Is it any coincidence "Oklahoma" rhymes with "homophobia"? Here's another example of the Southern American anti-Gay trend that's been flaring up these last few months: Debra Taylor, a rural Oklahoma high school teacher, was fired last week after assigning The Laramie Project, the much talked-about anti-homophobia play dramatizing the 1998 murder of poor Matthew Shepherd.

Taylor, 50, knew the project was controversial with strong language, but got her principal's permission. A few weeks into it, the principal told her to stop production. After students protested, she held a 20-minute ceremony in a nearby park in which students wrote their thoughts and rolled them into helium balloons, then released them.

The next day, Taylor says, Superintendent Ed Turlington canceled the class. After she complained to a school board member, Turlington put her on paid leave and recommended that she be fired. The school board approved her resignation Friday.

Taylor says she was let go for complaining to the board member, but others say it was a result of the play's subject: homophobia. "They don't want something like this addressed in our community," says senior Matt Ebner, one of Taylor's former students.

Yes, God forbid people should talk about homophobia and its evils, right?

The school district's representing attorney stated that her firing has nothing to do with the homosexual and/or homophobic nature of the aforementioned play. How stupid does he think people are? What the hell else could it possibly be about?


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