Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One helping hand you probably don't wanna hold ...

Normally, only the proud or the foolish (I make no distinction between them here) refuse a helping hand when one is offered to them. However, some hands would likely end with you crashing to the ground, whether it was intentional or accidental. During his so-called 'maiden voyage' to Canada, his first trip since being booted, ex-President Bush (love that title) gave a speech during which he casually offered to help President Obama should he ever need it.

"If he wants my help he can pick up the phone," the former president noted helpfully this week, during an affable speech to the business community of Calgary in Canada, his first paid speaking engagement since leaving the White House in January.

Note to Bush: don't count on it.

Curiously, Bush seems quite gracious towards Obama and his administration since he/they took over from Bush's wretched group. Quite unlike his puppet-master Dick Cheney (whose given name fits him better than anyone else I've ever heard of) who went on a shrill rant against Obama in a recent interview (further establishing himself as a war-mongering crackpot), Bush is actually quite nice towards Obama. One might wonder why he's kissing ass all of sudden? Perhaps he's just sore from having his own kicked so royally during the last eight years, as the Calgary, CA crowd's reaction demonstrates quite appropriately:

While up to 400 demonstrators chanted and threw shoes outside the venue – though police disabled a makeshift cannon rigged to fire shoes into the street – Bush steered clear of any criticism of his successor.

A shoe-throwing cannon? Wow, even that Iraqi journalist must be roaring with laughter at the delectable irony from his dark and desolate Islamic prison cell.


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