Friday, March 27, 2009

There are other ways to euthanize an ailing animal, man

This is a sad story: a man from Escondido, California, is under investigation for suspected animal cruelty. When Lucy, a 2-year-old Weimaraner was hit my multiple cars (poor thing ...), the man told everyone to get back, grabbed a 'hammer-like object', and proceeded to repeatedly strike the poor injured animal. He claims he was trying to euthanize her to end her suffering, but something's off here ...

Lucy was hit after escaping from a Valley Center home. Witnesses say they were trying to help the injured dog when the man ordered everyone to back away.

"She was screaming and bouncing around, and he was beating, beating, beating on her," Mike Goss said.

Lucy was soon shot by an officer, her injuries just too grave.

If he was trying to end her misery, why did he actually hurt her even more, beating on her like that?

Disturbing, story this is, but I can't quite decide if he's a failed hero or just another fucking animal abuser. What do you think, folks?


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