Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Drowning in irony here ...

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Busted IronyMeter LTD.'s 34th edition of Battle Royale of the Death-Cults, live from Hypocrisy Stadium! In the gilded corner, we have the Roman Catholic Church, with a wide and long history of lying, deceit, brainwashing and Killing for Jezus, the host of such fantastical events as the Inquisition, the Crusades, and the ever-lasting war against Reason and Science! In the barestones corner, we have Islam, with an almost-as-wide and long history of ... lying, deceit, brainwashing, and Killing for Jez— Allah. With its absolutely stench-ridden track record of humane rights violations, bestiality of morality and the general deprivation of Ration and Sense to society in general, it's perhaps the only opponent against whom reigning heavyweight RCC has a fair match! Now, let's get ready to ruuuuumble!! ...

... Too theatrical? Okay, okay. This story is certainly worthy of a fair bit of theatrical mockery, anyway, considering its been a while (just a short one) since I've been awashed in such levels of irony and hypocrisy. You see, a group from Islam – a religion that's in many ways even far worse than the Church is in terms of continuing humane rights violations and deprivation of basic civil rights to its followers and peoples – is now demanding a formal apology from Pope Benedict XVI following some remarks the latter made (back in 2006) about their dear prophet Muhammad, saying that some of his teachings, such as "his command to spread by the sword the faith", were "evil and inhuman".

While you angrily shake your fist at your screen while shaking the dregs of coffee out of your keyboard, here's an excerpt. You know, for validity and all that.

AMMAN, Jordan -- Jordan's powerful Muslim Brotherhood on Tuesday demanded Pope Benedict XVI apologize ahead of his Mideast tour for his previous remarks about the Prophet Muhammad that many Muslims interpreted as insulting their faith.

The controversy centers on a speech the pope made in September 2006 about Islam and violence in which he quoted a Medieval text that characterized some of the teachings of Muhammad as "evil and inhuman," particularly "his command to spread by the sword the faith."

"The pope insulted Islam and deeply hurt our feelings back in 2006 and he must apologize now to clear the air with Muslims worldwide," said Brotherhood spokesman Jamil Abu-Bakr. "We expect a written or verbal apology now or right before he visits Jordan."

Anyone else just can't help but grin somewhat while reading that load of waffle? We've got one massive cult bent on the decimation of all things fairness and justice, trying to lecture another one on fairness and justice.

Dang, my nearest Irony Meter store's closed, too. What a morning.

Of course, spreading a faith through sword and bloodshed and murder is not "evil and inhuman" to their eyes. It's their faith – it's right. Who cares about treaties and councils and common sense? Some old "prophet" said it was so, so it's so. Ain't that so?

Even more amusing is that they're now demanding the Church, which has really been every bit as cruel and plain evil in its assimilation and recruitment tactics throughout history (ever heard of the Crusades?), to apologize ...

Oh my.


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