Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dumbest. Poll. Evar.

I'm not usually one for advertizing the crashing of web-polls – I find that immature and frankly quite rude – but some polls are just so unbelievably stupid that you can't help but wonder if drawing attention wasn't their point in the first place. This certainly seems to be the case of this atrociously stupid poll, which asks if a recent picture of Pulsar B1509 by NASA isn't actually ... God's hand.

Cosmic question
What do you think is captured on the recently released NASA photograph?

The hand of God – 14%
A natural stellar formation – 86%

Seriously. (And that's only after being crashed by Pharyngulites.)

Of course, the gearheads at NASA have already uncovered some decidedly undivine data and information about the pulsar.

It looks like a hand of God reaching out into the cosmos, but scientists say it's something just as incredible: electromagnetic energy pumped out by a neutron star.

Taken by NASA's Chandra X-ray observatory from it's orbiting 360 miles above the Earth, the recently released photo of Pulsar B1509 captures the X-Ray nebula in a state shaped like a human hand. NASA estimates the shape spans 150 light years, but is caused by a dense neutron star that's just 12 miles in diameter.

Well, that's Christianity for ya, folks. You see a cloud of magnetism and gas and whatnot in the sky that only vaguely resembles the rough shape of a human hand, and of course, it's God.

Siiiiiigh. Fix that poll, will you?

(via Pharyngula)


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