Friday, April 17, 2009

Maybe a little too honest ...

Honesty is a virtue, no doubt about it. I myself have more than once been the unlucky beholder of an aching conscience (which even once led me to confess to a teacher that I'd skipped detention. I was stuck back in detention, and kicked myself for a few hours during and afterwards). However, it seems that even those incorrigible politicians are able to possess a conscience – though in this case it may be a little overboard. A Michigan Mayor was caught speeding (45 mph in a 40 mph zone), and instead of accepting the officer's simple warning, he demanded a ticket – and got it – and was out a hundred bucks.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts was pulled over Monday on the way to City Hall for going 45 mph in a 40 mph zone. The officer told him to watch it next time.

Fouts says he was uncomfortable the entire day with just a warning, thinking it might be construed as favoritism. So he called the deputy police commissioner and demanded the ticket.

Police delivered it to Fouts' office and Fouts paid the $100 fine.

Fouts told The Detroit News that he "had to set an example."

I'd be tempted to follow my inherent misanthropic and cynical push to conclude that he was just putting on a show for attention, or to appeal to the masses as a "nice guy", but there are of course genuine and honorable people in the world (if you can find them). So, what do you think? Is he just out for ratings, or is he honestly legit and just suffered a conscience crisis?


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