Saturday, April 11, 2009

More info on the Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act

Here is another website dedicated to this issue. I will subsequently be e-mailing Defenders of Wildlife, The Humane Society, and the Nature Conservancy to report that they will no longer receive any support from me until they stop supporting bills that violate the Constitution and my rights. Apparently they'll support anything to achieve their goals despite the economic and social factors as well as our country's values.

For anyone who might potentially agree with this bill, essentially, the bill creates an 'approved' and a 'non approved' list for species that can potentially negatively impact 'the environment or the economy'. There is no way of determining what the standards are for such a label. I'm aware that some species have impacted the environment, but I don't trust this bill for a nano-second. There's no telling which species could end up on the 'un-approved list', or the intensity of the problem that they pose, which basically screws us pet owners out of a life passion over nothing. What makes me shake even more however, is that this bill and the support from these organizations is strong, while I can barely appoint any concern over outdoor cat roaming. It's a highly unnecessary practice practically glorified and required in Europe, and that mentality has extended itself here, where well-fed cats apparently need to torture and kill wildlife for fun in order to be 'well'. It's simple to see how that issue is at the very least, 100 percent equal to the issue of introduced wildlife, given that dogs and cats also can escape and breed in the wild. Are we going to ban them eventually? There is also the issue of introduced plant life. Chances are, most of the plants you see when you walk in the woods aren't native. And yet, pet owners are still under siege with proposals that we don't have the right to own animals AT ALL, due to the negligence of people who should have never had them. I'd easily support a bill that regulated animals to the point that only real owners got a hold of them. But to rip them away from all of us is just sickening.


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