Saturday, April 25, 2009

More utter stupidity from Michele Bachman

I really am sorry for you Minnesotans. It's got to suck to have such a complete ignorant fool as a state representative in the government. She's always finding new ways to shame you ... and here's yet another, where she tries to enter a professor's role for a second about the gas composition of the atmosphere. This is prize-winning stupid and ignorance, galore.

Thank God the video had that rebuttal from Rep. Earl Blumenauer to counterbalance the falling levels of braincells in my head right now. Always good to see a Democrat show a Republican just how freakin' stupid she is.

Where to begin? Let's see: first, she says, over and over and over, that carbon dioxide is a natural gas, that it appears naturally in nature. Uh, yes, we know that. I've actually yet to hear of an "unnatural" gas, actually, as every gas on Earth appears in nature in one way or another, and in one quantity or another.

Then she starts talking, over and over (we get it the first time you know, moron) about how there's never been a single study, not one, that shows that CO2 is dangerous in any way. ... Just wow. You've really got to walk around with your eyes closed and ears blocked to be that incredibly ignorant.

It gets better: next, she claims that CO2 is supposedly a harmless gas. Hmmm ... what? Is she really that stupid? No, CO2 is not harmless. In small quantities, it's "harmless" but only because the concentration is too small to have much of an impact on us or the environment. Raise the quantities, and problems will appear pretty damn fast. Example: let's stick this idiot in a gas chamber filled with oxygen, and CO2. Just to see what happens. (Who knows, it might change her mind.)

And according to her, the atmosphere is 3% CO2? Yeah, sure. Never mind the fact that most animals would be dead and plantlife would be drastically reduced with that sort of toxicity in the air. No, dumbass, the air we breathe is closer to 0.03%, where it's low enough in concentration to be basically harmless.

Again, no-one's saying that CO2 is evil in itself. It's a gas, much like any other, and – like any other – is perfectly harmless, when in very low quantities. The mere presence of CO2 in the atmosphere isn't gonna change much. It's all in the quantity of it, the concentration, that determines whether we're fine or dying – and whether the climate is steady or volatile. The problem is that the amounts of CO2 IS rising, unimaginably faster than anything ever recorded before. THIS is what's dangerous.

Honestly, they should be forcing aspiring politicians to pass IQ tests every now and then. Utter loons like Bachman wouldn't stand a chance, and who knows, maybe she wouldn't be the shame of Minnesota anymore. Until then, we can always laugh at her, I suppose. Or better yet: ignore her.


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