Sunday, April 26, 2009

Put your money where your overlarge mouth is, Hannity

More stupidity from Inanity Hannity: amidst the Republicans' continued attempts to try and either trivialize those disgusting torture memos, or worse, even try and glorify them, one of the most prominent of these arrogant amoral fuckheads has got to be Sean Hannity, moron extraordinaire. He casually accepted to be waterboarded, on the air, "for the troops" and for charity, when asked about his stance on waterboarding. Keith Olbermann, whom I seldom disagree with, with the story below.

So what, Hannity thinks waterboarding is a walk in the park, that it's not torture, or even vaguely unpleasant or something? He really is just a fucking fool. Waterboarding is no joke, it is very much torture. Just ask Christopher Hitchens.

That's pretty much as close a representation of real-life waterboarding, the same as they do to "enemy combatants", as you'll probably ever see on video. I dunno about you, but merely being hooded and strapped that tightly to a table would already put me in "unbearable stress". And waterboarding hadn't even begun yet.

Hitchens is one of the toughest sons-of-bitches you'll ever meet or hear about, and if he was only able to last for a fraction of a minute before feeling "unbearable stress", how would other people stand up to that? As he says: there's nothing "simulated" about waterboarding. It's drowning in its purest sense: being overcome by water and not being able to breathe at all.

I for one would absolutely love to see Inanity Hannity get those huge balls out of his mouth and do what he said he'd be willing to do. Strap his arrogant ass to a board, mask his head, and waterboard him. You'd pay me a thousand dollars for every second and I'd still never accept. Drowning is a sentiment I've only experienced two or three times in my life, and I have absolutely no intention of going through that again. Not for anything less than a million fucking bucks, at least. It's probably the least pleasant experience anyone would ever go through in their lives.

So go on, Hannity. Either go through waterboarding, even if you're bribed into a thousand bucks for every second, or shut the fuck up, you simpering little bitch, and stop trivializing the utter atrocities the U.S. has committed upon its captives and prisoners all in the name of "War on Terrorism". As if there could possibly be a more faulty premise than that to begin with.


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