Friday, April 03, 2009

Vermont House passes same-sex marriage bill

It's now about to pass before Governor Jim Douglas' office, where he'll deliver his promised veto. He can't have fags and dykes marrying in his State, now can he?

(Ergh ... even in sarcasm/humor form I still hate using those words.)

After about five hours of debate, the House gave the bill preliminary approval on a 95-52 roll call vote. The margin was less than the two-thirds majority that would be needed for the 150-member House to override Gov. Jim Douglas' promised veto. The Senate previously passed the bill 26-4, so a veto override is seen as likely there.

Okay, now I must admit my dismal ignorance in how United States legislature works. So the State House may very well lose to Douglas' veto, yet the State Senate may be able to override it ... Sorry, I don't understand why states have two forms of official powers here. I seriously suck at political hierarchy.

And of course, you can't have a Gay Marriage story without the odd passionate religious plea ...

Opponents of the measure spoke of their respect for its advocates. One, Rep. Albert "Sonny" Audette, D-South Burlington, expressed sadness at having concluded he was required by his church to vote no.

"I am a devout Catholic," Audette said. "My religion at this point would not want me to vote for this. I wish that I could and I hope for the best and I congratulate the people who are trying to get this through."

Another example of why elected officials should be unaffiliated with any religion. Jeez, does the Separation of Church and State end at people's associations and religions? I'm pretty sure 'State' includes the people working in/for it. (Not that I have anything against this Sonny Audette – he seems respectful, something of a refreshing summer rain when it comes to dealing with religious kooks in politics – but he still allows his decisions to be influenced by religion, so that's a 'no' anyway.)

Comon, someone overthrow that Douglas' veto! =S

Note – ARGH! Thanks to a Copy-Paste fail, I lost the URL to the original article. Blast!


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