Friday, April 10, 2009

We're taking over!: religious kooks and cranks slowly but surely losing grounds to open-mindedness and acceptance

More and more religious nuttery groups and associations are losing legal fights against Gay Rights proponents as a wonderful wave of tolerance and acceptance is sweeping across the nation. Well, perhaps a breeze – but it's still sweeping!

Faith organizations and individuals who view homosexuality as sinful and refuse to provide services to gay people are losing a growing number of legal battles that they say are costing them their religious freedom.

Of course that's what they'd chalk it up to: restricting religious freedom. Makes you wonder if these wackaloons are even literate, considering that religious freedom incorporates your right to practice whatever religion you want, and NOT impose it or its values on others. That's called self-righteousness, that's what they're doing, and they're getting slapped for it. Take their whinings as the bugle of submission that they are, folks. :)

Examples of such "anti-religionism":

• A Christian photographer was forced by the New Mexico Civil Rights Commission to pay $6,637 in attorney's costs after she refused to photograph a gay couple's commitment ceremony.

• A psychologist in Georgia was fired after she declined for religious reasons to counsel a lesbian about her relationship.

• Christian fertility doctors in California who refused to artificially inseminate a lesbian patient were barred by the state Supreme Court from invoking their religious beliefs in refusing treatment.

• A Christian student group was not recognized at a University of California law school because it denies membership to anyone practicing sex outside of traditional marriage.

Isn't it amazing as to how low human intelligence can sink to? To honestly believe that restricting services to customers, clients and patients when you're in the community service business equates to your religious freedom ... Wow. That's some serious stupid.

Look nutters, it's this simple. When you take a job or a role in public services, it means your right to proselytize and spread your values and beliefs, and especially to act upon them, is immediately and unequivocally denied and removed. If you refuse to help someone based on your beliefs, then clearly, this isn't the job for you and you will be rightfully slapped, or even removed altogether.

Twelve states now offer some form of same-sex marriage or same-sex partner recognition. Twenty states -- including Maryland -- and more than 180 cities and counties, including the District, ban discrimination against gays, according to the Human Rights Campaign, a gay rights group. Virginia bans it against state employees.

Now that's a wonderful thing to hear this late at night. The journey to equality moves on!

[Cue 'Where the Streets Have No Name']


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