Thursday, April 02, 2009

When candy fails to allure kids, use ... the Bible

I'm not very sure why this creep thought a Bible would somehow work better in enticing children to climb into his car, but this certainly is a story that, if it doesn't outrage you, will likely make you smirk in irony.

You've heard of the proverbial stranger with candy? Durham Police say they've uncovered a case involving a stranger using a far less likely lure - a Bible.

The story began in Whitby on Friday, when a group of kids were coming home from St. Paul's Catholic School around 3:30pm. The children, ranging in age from five to 13, were walking along the sidewalk when a car suddenly pulled up and stopped beside them.

The driver tried to talk to them and at one point he pulled out the Good Book and offered a ride to a five-year-old girl who was carrying a load of heavy school texts. All the children refused and kept on walking.

But cops say the man wouldn't take no for an answer. They say he returned on two other occasions, apparently fixated on the same youngster. He told the little girl he would be happy to take her home if she'd just get into his car.

But this time he wasn't dealing with just kids. An angry parent of one of the youngsters rushed over to the car and began yelling at the intruder, telling him to leave the neighbourhood or police would be called.

Not quite the same when a grown-up's in the area, is it?

In any case, he later tried the stunt again – Christ he's thick – and was promptly arrested.

Matthew Rock of Hazelwood Drive, Whitby has been charged with common nuisance, attempted abduction of a person under 14 years of age and eight counts of criminal harassment.

The 47-year-old is being held for a bail hearing.

I couldn't have asked for a better ending for such a weird creep.


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