Friday, May 22, 2009

Aaand it's more anti-hate-crime-bill stupidity

This steamin' bowl o' wackaloonery comes from Judith Reisman, the crank known solely for her inane criticism of the dominant sexual expert Alfred Kinsey and whom the WorldNutDaily likes to refer to as a "renowned expert" rather than "complete lunatic". This time, the WND quotes the loon in detailing how the notorious hate-crimes bill would lead to men merrily marrying and sleeping with a group of little girls, and any protesting religious folks would be thrown in jail. At least, that's one possible interpretation of it.

A renowned expert on the life and work of sex scientist Alfred Kinsey, widely considered the "father of the sexual revolution," says the "hate crimes" bill pending in Congress would be just another step in the conversion of the United States into a nation without sexual limits, where polygamy, incest and worse are common practice.

Judith Reisman says it would be a nation in which those who hold religious views that do not approve of homosexual behavior and the myriad other sexual lifestyles would be censored and arrested.

........... Ow. My brain.

I can't even begin to imagine what sort of hilariously screwed-up logic she used to arrive at this conclusion, simply from a bill that would make it illegal to physically attack a person solely based on their status as a minority.

But then, she's the loon who came up with the idea of "erototoxins", an imaginary chemical released during the viewing of porn that rots the brain.

(*Resists urge to crack about a potential obsession with porn on Reisman's part, as that would explain alot.*)

But of course, it wouldn't be WND without a nice helping of lying to go along with teh stoopid:

Essentially the plan would apply additional federal criminal penalties on people who either attack those in the specially protected sexual classes, say something that offends them or are accused of saying something that offends.

Totally fucking false. There is a colossal difference between Hate Crimes, which the bill concerns, and Hate Speech, which is what is allured to above. A hate-crimes bill does not touch the subject of hate speech. This bill is only targeted towards the intolerant assholes who decide to knock on someone only because they happen to be gay, or black, or whatever. They can certainly scream their bigoted hatred as high and mighty as they like, and no-one's gonna stop them.

Legally, at least.

(via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)


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