Sunday, May 31, 2009

Anti-abortionists have done it again

In a coup that I expect will warm the shriveled hearts of "pro-lifers" everywhere in the abortion debate, Dr. George Tiller, arguably the most prominent late-term abortion enabler in the U.S., a man I've already covered on this blog as anti-aborts were fighting to strip away his medical license because he happened to offend their overzealous self-righteous beliefs and values, was just shot dead on his way to the Sunday service outside a Wichita, Kansas church.

Authorities were called to the shooting at the Reformation Lutheran Church shortly after 10 a.m., where Tiller is a congregant, according to KAKE. Tiller was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after emergency crews arrived.

Tiller, who ran the Women's Health Care Services clinic, a high-profile abortion clinic in Wichita, was one of the few doctors in the country that still performed late-term abortions. Just this month, Tiller's clinic was vandalized, according to KAKE.

Dr. Tiller wasn't exactly appreciated by anti-aborts, and my did they like to show it. His clinic has been vandalized a number of times, and was even bombed once; another time, some deranged kook shot him in both arms. He certainly had experience in dealing with these wackjobs.

And now they've finally murdered him.

Well, congratulations, anti-abortionists. You've finally done it: you've assassinated the "head of the snake" in late-term abortion lingo, not only reaffirming your stance against abortion, but also confirming your reputation as being a murderous bunch of lunatic fucktards. Dr. Tiller is only the most prominent of all the other abortion-enabling doctors who've been murdered by your vile lot over the years. But, at least his murder will have prevented the deaths of innocent little babies, right?

Because apparently, dealing with your issues with violence and hatred is the only language you speak.


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