Saturday, May 09, 2009

He's just a dumb kid

And that's EXACTLY why he doesn't deserve to die because of being mislead by his mother and her idiotic and lethal religious beliefs. Danny Hauser, a young cancer patient from Minnesota, is going to die because his stupid wretched mother has brainwashed him into refusing chemotherapy, which would raise his odds of survival to a staggering 95%, saying such treatment conflicts with their religious beliefs.

"Danny clearly made up his mind. He's not doing it,'' Colleen Hauser, of Sleepy Eye, Minn., testified on the opening day of a trial over whether a court should order the boy into medical treatment against the family's wishes.

Hauser, whose son was diagnosed in January with Hodgkin's lymphoma, said conventional treatments such as chemotherapy conflict with the family's religious beliefs. She said they prefer natural remedies such as herbs and vitamins.

Asked where she learned about the alternative healing techniques, Hauser said, "on the Internet.''

No, Danny never made up his mind. You did it for him. But, at least you know your "herbs and vitamins" will work better than chemotherapy – you did find them "on the Internet", after all.

You know what makes this story even more infuriating? Hodgkin's lymphoma is arguably one of the easiest forms of cancer to deal with. If you're an adult, you have a 90% chance of survival; children have even better chances at 95%. Only the unluckiest of sorry bastards miss those odds. However, that's only assuming the patient actually takes the damned chemo; without it, you're as good as dead with a tiny little 5% survival rate.

The Hausers declined to speak to reporters after Friday's court session. But Dan Zwakman, a member of the Nemenhah religious group to which they belong, acted as the family spokesman. He argued that this is a case about religious freedom, noting that the group's motto is "our religion is our medicine."

Explains why it's such shit, then. Another ignorant religiot dredging up that pathetic, tired old "freedom of religion" crap. No, this is in no way affecting your religious freedom. This is concerning the longevity of a kid who's barely seen a fifth of his life yet, who's been brainwashed by his pathetic excuse for a mother and her idiotic, illogical, stupid, ignorant and downright lethal beliefs.

For fuck's sake ... he's just a kid.

(via Pharyngula)


  • PersonalFailure

    honestly, would you allow a 13 year old to shoot up heroin or operate a crane because "he made up his mind"? no. of course not. 13 year olds are idiots that need to be protected from themselves. and, in some cases, their parents.

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