Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lessons in hypocrisy

John Yoo, one of the heartless legal counsels who twisted and evaded the law so unhesitatingly to allow Bush & co. to submit Guantanamo Bay detainees to torture such as waterboarding, still doesn't get it as far as realizing what the hell he's saying goes.

Conservatives should defend the Supreme Court as a place where cases are decided by a faithful application of the Constitution, not personal politics, backgrounds, and feelings. Republican senators will have to conduct thorough questioning in the confirmation hearings to make sure that she will not be a results-oriented voter, voting her emotions and politics rather than the law.

Yes. The very man who assured the Bush administration that it would be fine & legal to torture detainees merely by pussyfooting around the law with weasel words and twisting definitions, now presumes to lecture us in saying we need to prevent acting in a "results-oriented" manner. You know, like he did.

(via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)


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