Friday, May 08, 2009

Lucky bastard meets with Archbishop Tutu

Ed Brayton, of the Dispatches from the Culture Wars blog I love to follow (and get many of my stories from), had the incredible luck to be invited to meet Archbishop Tutu, arguably one of the very, very few men on this Earth who would legitimately deserve to be considered a "saint". I know relatively very little of this man, but just skimming along his Wikipedia article is enough to win him my deep respect considering all he's done, and all that he's been through to do it. Meeting him is something like meeting Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King Jr. or something.

He is a man of enormous personal charm and wit. When he walked into the room, he immediately began greeting each person individually, shaking their hands and asking our names. His energy at 77 years old would be remarkable for a man 25 years younger. His age did show a bit when, speaking to the students, he held up Bono and Bob Geldof as examples of "young people" making a difference in the world.

Just thought I'd mention. Lucky bastard.


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