Friday, May 01, 2009

More from Ray Comfort's weird perception of evolution

Blogger's down for the moment, so right now I'm writing this in Notepad (better than nothing, I suppose). However, I do have something to keep me occupied in my blogging: Comfort's just made a post on the swine flu epidemic that's rampaging across the world at the moment (though I doubt it'll reach much of Québec; I should be relatively safe, for the moment at least), and ... well, it's characteristic of a bumbling jabbering idiot who couldn't know less about biology and evolution if he were lobotomized by a drunken monkey.

The spread of the so-called 'swine flu' demonstrates yet again how useless and sometimes deadly a mutation can be. Furthermore, as the infection spreads around the world, the search for an antidote is desperately sought, but the very fact that the virus is seen as something to be opposed actually supports the Biblical view of this world. It is always good and right to oppose sickness, but in evolutionary terms, why don't humans simply resign themselves to it and allow the strong to survive? The evolutionary point of view would say the virus has a 'right' to live, so 'good luck' to it!

What an appallingly ignorant and deluded moron. Really, it's hard to even imagine someone screwing up basic biology this bad, and really, I'm only mentioning it to momentarily assuage my mountaing sense of hilarity in the face of impenetrable dumbass-ness – along with tending to my perpetual SIWOTI syndrome.

Thing is, what he bilged was less about regular evolution and much more akin to Social Darwinism, a horrible distortion of Darwinistic Evolution that idealizes letting the weak and frail perish to make room for stronger people in our human civilization and society. It's morally disgusting in every possible way, so of course it's only natural humongous asses like Comfort should cherish the idea of it as an illustration of the "evils" of evolution and "Darwinists", no wonder how appallingly false it is.

A virus has as much of a "right to live" as any other living organism on this planet. Problem is, humans have a right to live, too. And so, who gets to live? The one with the biggest cojones, quite simply. Survival of the Fittest: whoever is strongest is the one most meritful of survival, and in this case, well, it's humans. Sorry, little virus.

(I sometimes wonder if there are fools who've strayed enough into letting viruses' "right to live" overcome their own and allow themselves to die, just as to not kill the virus ... Really, that would be something to mention. Not that they'd accomplish much, seeing as viruses can't live without their hosts and would die once their host perishes anyway.)

Anyway, talk about getting tangental. Now, what would Comfort advise others to do to try and crush this epidemic? Simple and obvious, really.

The great hope for this fallen, diseased, weatherworn world, is the return of Christ, who has promised to bring restoration, everlasting health and peace to all people.

Doi ... We fight epidemics, poverty and general discontentment with praying and waiting for a fictional messiah to come down from the heavens, of course!

I wonder if Comfort will succomb to the swine flu virus' "right to live" and allow his useless existence to end, if it means the virus gets to survive? Nah ... something tells me he'll be scurrying over to the nearest pharmacy as soon as his nose starts dribbling.

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