Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Song: 'Setting Out'

'Setting Out'
By Joé McKen

Don't forget to view in High Quality!

This is a piece I created to try and fit to a little "story": a guy is preparing to leave on some long voyage or something (maybe a fishing trip that would last weeks or something of the sort); it's dawn, he's preparing to leave with his boat from the misty harbor, when his girlfriend/wife/whatever arrives for one last goodbye. He then departs to the open seas with hopes and expectations for what lies ahead.

I actually had some problems with this theme: the instrument volumes never seemed to really harmonize like I wanted them to, they always seemed to glare against each other. This is my best attempt for now.

The music is mine.
The image used for this video isn't mine and I claim no ownership over it. I just found it somewhere with Google.

Music composed & recorded with Sibelius 5.

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