Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh noes – the NOM strikes again! ... With another hilariously shitty commercial!

Yup: everyone's favorite famously self-important heterosexual-marriage-advocacy group is back, and just in case you hadn't had enough of their previous wonderfully corrupting pathetic commercial, they've just churned out another one, once again focusing on exploiting young children to deliver their bigoted beliefs.

"Our kids will be taught a new way of thinking" ... Dear God, did they actually just shoot their own feet right off with that one?

Seriously, as PZ Myers remarks, they're so utterly pathetic that it does make one wonder if they're really against gay marriage, considering how much of a pure farce they're making their side seem to be. Talk about "scoring in your own goal" at a whole original level.

But anyway, here's a tip to kids who may be confused as to who their parents are: they're the ones who raise you, teach you what you know, love you and keep you alive and (as best as they can) happy in this shitty world until you're able to spread your wings. That's who your parents are. Whether they have penises or breasts ... Doesn't really seem all that important to me.

(I wonder when they'll be spitting out that promised commercial with "Miss America", Carrie Prejean?)

(via Pharyngula)


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