Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh, shut up ...

In the never-ending cavalcade of Republicans whining like silly little bitches, this latest example is one to truly make you wonder how anyone could possibly get riled up over ... absolutely anything at all, really, even if it has all the importance of your mother's 50-year-old soiled underwear*.

Warner Todd Huston, one of the illiterate trolls from, is screaming in (false and pretend) anger over Obama receiving a screening of the new Star Trek film at the White House. His headline is one of utter pretentiousness and downright hilarious stupidity: "Noblesse Oblige? The One Wants His OWN Star Trek Showing".

I suppose if I was the ruler of the free world, I’d want it too. I mean, if I controlled all I survey, if the nation bowed before me, if the illiterati gave an obedient chuckle at my every quip, yet paused thoughtfully at my pretensions at seriousness, if the world placed me on my rightful pedestal, I’d imagine that the producers of the hottest new movie premiering this month would be similarly overawed that I’d like to see their little film.

Isn't it amazing how one can totally, completely and unequivocally destroy any sense of reason, intelligence or modicum of knowledge they may have, in a single paragraph (much less a full blog entry)?

Yes, how DARE Obama ask for a screening of the film at the White House! Never mind the fact that it's literally all but impossible for him to just head into any local movie theater and settle down with some popcorn with his family to watch a new flick, which consequentially forces him, as with all other previous Presidents since the invention of cinematography, to view new releases in a specially-built movie theater inside the White House. No – he can't be allowed that!

This is such a stupid fucking story. Is this really what the Right have been crushed to? I mean, I know I use that phrase so very often these days, but for Christ's sake, you'd think they'd reach bottom sooner or later ... and then you get some pompous ignorant jackass like Warner Todd Huston complaining about how the President dares to watch a freakin' movie in the White House. Oh my GOD! Stop the presses! Never mind that Bush did it ten times in two months, or that every other President's been doing it for years and years (and years) – it's Obama demanding for a film viewing now, so the NERVE!

* I wish to apologize for any grotesquely disgusting images that might have summoned up.

(via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)


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