Friday, May 08, 2009

OMG, the clichés ...

Maine recently passed a same-sex marriage bill. Now, its leader in religious stupidity and bigotry, Archbishop Richard Malone, is calling for a vote to contest the bill, and the arguments and excuses he uses are ... oh my God, I'm so tired of them. It's all the oldest, most pathetic and most defeated arguments in the anti-gay marriage handbook.

PORTLAND, Maine -- The spiritual leader of Maine's 200,000 Roman Catholics is pledging the church's help in bringing the state's gay marriage law to a vote in November.

Bishop Richard Malone also calls the law "a dangerous sociological experiment" that will have negative consequences for society. Malone says marriage as it's been known for millennia "has served as the cornerstone of society." In a statement, Malone also expresses concern over the law's effect on teachings about same-sex marriage in schools.

Urgh. Let's see ...

• Calling gay marriage a "social experiment": check.
• Gay marriage will have negative consequences on society: check.
• It undermines the sanctity/tradition/importance of heterosexual marriage: check.
• Same-sex marriage will be force-taught in schools: check.
• This will have negative consequences on teh poor childrenz: check (by implication).

Dear God, I'm having flashes of déjà-vu to every single excuse anyone has ever used against gay marriage and why it would be so horrible for us all. After all, allowing a man and a woman to live together in wedlock is fine, but two men or two women would totally fuck everything up and make the sky go purple or something. I mean, that's what happens when you unite two people of the same sex together, no?

As I said ... Urgh.


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