Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stupid Quote of the Day (x2): Prejean on marriage

Yes, I know I've already had a Stupid Quote for today, but this one couldn't be missed, truly. It's even about the same subject (somewhat): Prejean opens her tediously inane mouth about marriage and lets the idiocy spill.

Marriage is good. There is something special about unions of husband and wife. Unless we bring men and women together, children will not have mothers and fathers.

First of all, there is nothing remotely "special" about marriage and uniting a husband and wife. It's a legal ceremony that (legally) binds two people – who, according to the Holy Quintality of states, aren't just of opposite sexes anymore – into living together until their inevitable fights and divorce. That's what marriage is – these days at least.

But then the stupid really starts flowing: so kids don't have mothers or fathers without marriage? What, an absence of wedlock would instantly nullify a parent's motherhood or fatherhood? Kids from parents who live together and love each other but aren't married, like my little cousins for example, are basically bastards in its literal sense? Hell, might as well put them up for adoption right now, right?

Oh Lord, the stupidity of pretty-girls ... (You know, the opposite of pretty-boys.)

(via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)


  • PersonalFailure

    seriously, this guy with down's that i ride the bus with is waaaaay smarter than ms. prejean. he's not into gay marriage either, but at least he's articulate about it.

  • Joé McKen

    I don't think Down's actually affects intelligence in itself; more like one's ability to show it. I've heard about some Down's victims who were actually pretty damn intelligent and even interesting. (Though admittedly, few.)

    But then, it's an unfair example – of course, any mental patient used against Prejean for comparison will prove superior to her, mentally. You just can't brand stupid the sort of which beauty pageant contestants come up with.

  • Anonymous

    Jon Stewart said something that I'm down with, concerning Miss Prejean, after playing a clip where she derided all the hoo-ha that had been made about here statement:

    "I completely agree with the woman I completely disagree with. We'll be right back."

  • Joé McKen

    Ah, good ol' Stewart.

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