Wednesday, June 03, 2009

And you thought fathers typically hated their daughters' boyfriends ...

Get a load of this jealous and overprotective mother. A woman in Adelanto, California was arrested for trying to have her 21-year-old daughter's boyfriend kidnapped and shipped somewhere to the northern regions of the same state.

A sheriff's spokeswoman said Tuesday that two women went to the young man's home on Saturday afternoon and tried to tie him up with duct tape.

The victim told authorities the women said they were taking him to get him away from one of the women's 21-year-old daughter. Authorities said both women were arrested on suspicion of attempted kidnapping.

Officials said the girlfriend was later arrested for investigation of dissuading a witness and extortion for allegedly trying to get her boyfriend to recant his statements on the kidnapping to authorities.

So even the girlfriend has a part in this, trying to get the poor guy to shut up about it and deny the accusations ... I dunno much about relationship deal-breakers, but that may be one of them, there.


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