Friday, June 12, 2009

The Dishonest Institute strikes again: censoring videos that point out their bullshit – illegally!

This is a juicy one, indeed. The Discovery Institute has been caught red-handed trying to file a false and perfectly illegal DMCA copyright claim against a prominent YouTube debunker of creationist and ID bullshit(ers), DonExodus2. It seems that DonExodus2 uploaded a video in which he showed how a recent Fox News appearance of notorious DI attack-lemming Casey Luskin – yes, this dishonest moron – featured Luskin reciting lie after tired old lie, punctured with deflated and debunked claims, including that old favorite of creationists', Haeckel's Embryos, among others. Overall, it was a very amusing and dead-accurate smackdown right in Luskin's over-smug disingenuous face, and it was beautiful.

So, of course, the Censorship Institute couldn't stand it, and succeeded at filing a DMCA copyright claim against YouTube and the video. Adhering to YouTube's custom of removing videos like insecure idiots without even confirming the accuracy of the claim as usual, the vid was pulled down. Below, is DonExodus2's response to the travesty – and proof that it's simply and totally illegal of the pompous bitches to have done so. Man, are they fucked.

Or, in a brief summary: the DI is fucked (yet again), and they know it, so they tried to censor the vid by filing a false DMCA claim to remove it – and succeeded (for now). So, to all: spread the video around! Don't just embed it[1], but actually download it and upload it to your own websites, groups, whatever you can do, and spread the word: the Discovery Institute has finally gone too far and have literally broken the law in their ever-growing efforts to spread their bullshit and crush scientific truth.

Just for good measure, below is the original video, the one that was deleted. Thanks to Gravitationalist for the re-upload.

Man, that sort of bitchslap-fest to Luskin's mug has got to hurt. (And let the record state that I nearly cracked a rib at both the humor and pointedness of the "Bitch, Please" flashcard inserted after Luskin's unbelievably bullshitty claim of trying to "promote good science" (*dies laughing*).

[1] I sincerely would if I had the slightest idea how to actually upload videos to Blogger, but I don't think I can. All I can do is link to it and hope it won't be deleted.


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