Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ever wondered how many years of evolution separated you from the T-Rex?

Introducing my latest find filed under "cool shit!": the Time Tree, "the timescale of life". This nifty resource allows you to check out just how many years it took for two distinct organisms to evolve from their common ancestor, whether it be cats from dogs, or horses from zebras, or hell, humans from bacteria while you're at it. Go nuts! :P

Don't laugh at it's inherent geekiness; how else could you discover that Melissa split from her beloved katydids some 910 million years ago? Or that I'm separated from my beautiful wolves by 97.4 million years? Or that chimpanzees split from cyanobacteria, a whopping 2,500.36 million years ago?

(And it's about 324.5 million years that separate you from the Tyrant Lizard, by the way.)

Go ahead, explore your genetic lineage!


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