Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A fantastic ruling in Georgia leads to bigots whining

A few days ago there was a landmark court ruling in Georgia, where the state Supreme Court overturned a previous judge's order that denied the children of a divorce case the right to see their father's gay and lesbian friends, saying that such exposure would make the children suffer harm. This actually stemmed from the mother/ex-wife, obviously a bigoted bitch. Good riddance.

Now, the Liberty Counsel, another Christian religiot law firm, is arguing that the kids should be taken away from their father altogether, because he exposes them to a homosexual environment. You gotta love how they make it all sound:

"Obviously it is not in the best interest of a child to be taken by his father and introduced to a group of people who are engaging in abhorrent sexual behaviors, who are modeling abhorrent sexual behaviors and celebration of that [which is] demonstrably dangerous from a medical, spiritual, and emotional standpoint -- modeling those behaviors for the child."

Typical bigoted and dishonest bullshit. What an asshat. I couldn't applaud the court ruling more if I attached cymbals to my hands.


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