Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I thought profanity made God angry, not reasserted his existence ...?

But apparently, using the Holy Son's name in vain – such as hitting yourself with a hammer or a golfing club or so forth – actually means you're blaming God himself for the mishap and the pain ... which, apparently, means you acknowledge him, if you're blaming him.

That's (apparently) the best this evangelist has come up with so far, shown at the near-end of the video below. (The rest isn't too painful to listen to – it's just slowly slicing through your skin with a blade rather than blowtorching your eye – and is mostly incoherent and stupid. Whoo. (And don't worry; yes, the vid has been re-edited as satire.)

Anyone else thinks he screams like a girl? *Snicker*


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