Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's a miracle! vs. Doctors did their jobs!

Chase Kear, a young man from Kansas, got into a serious accident last year, enough to fracture his skull and leave him at death's door. He was immediately taken into intensive care and surgery whilst others, such as his family, simply prayed and prayed.

Thankfully, he survived and made a full recovery. Now, I ask you: modern medicine simply doing its job, or a miracle? PZ Myers has the timeline; you be the judge.

Chase Kear has a serious accident, fracturing his skull.

Bystanders call for emergency medical help on their phones.

Doctors arrive in a helicopter.

Doctors administer emergency care.

Helicopter arrives at hospital; doctors take him into surgery.

Surgeons remove portion of his skull to protect his brain from swelling.

Kear is treated with antibiotics to prevent infections.

Swelling reduces, doctors restore Kear's skull.

Bystanders pray.

Family prays.

Family prays.

Family asks for the last rites to be administered to Kear.

Family prays.

Family prays.

Family prays.

Family prays.

Kear survives, is rehabilited, and seems to be making a full recovery.

In fact, the question about whether or not his recovery was from God's mystical healing touch, or from the valiant doctors who did all they could to save his life, has grown so important in the media these days that the Vatican itself is to commence an investigation to determine whether this was a miracle or not. Seriously.

Dr. Myers then explains his sentiments in a way that, I think, I couldn't presume to try and surpass:

You should see me right now. I turned water into iced tea this morning, and right now I'm levitating a glass of the stuff with the power of my mind. Please ignore the contributions of the Lipton company, and the fact that I'm also using my left hand to hold up the glass, and canonize me. Oh, wait…I feel another magical transformation coming on. Let me submit this post (Huzzah! I affect electrons thousands of miles away!) and teleport myself to the bathroom. I expect emissaries from the Vatican to be at the door by the time I get back.

Ooh, snap. However, the idiocy is not over. Hell, take it from Chase's own mother:

Chase survived in part because hundreds of people prayed to Father Emil Kapaun to intercede on his behalf. It was absolutely a miracle.

Uh-huh. Sure. No thanks for those insignificant doctors, of course – it's all you brainwashed kooks praying to your mystical flying sky-fairy that saved the kid's life. Of course.


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