Wednesday, June 03, 2009

More PETA insanity: why attack your own kind, you imbeciles!?

I'm starting to think PETA, in addition to being plain crazy in everything they do, are also trying to subvert other animal defense organizations and form a sort of monopoly on the animal rights cause. This new bit of news certainly entertains that notion: Friends of Animals, one of those non-insane animal rights organizations I fully support and endorse, is facing legal pressure from the self-righteous lunatics at PETA who are trying to shut down their Primarily Primates animal refuge for creatures such as chimps, orangutans, lemurs, and so forth. Anyone who knows them – and the refuge – knows they are certainly some of the best folks in the world to be taking care of these animals.

So why the hell is PETA trying to destroy it? You guessed it: pure megalomania, supported via unfounded claims, pathetic "witnesses", and so forth. Below is a video on the matter from FoA's YouTube channel.

This is insane. So, what can we do to stop it? I'm not sure, but vocally shouting PETA down certainly can't hurt. Sign some petitions, perhaps. And – most of all – send your support (and, if you can, a bit of your money) their way. They clearly need all the help they can get.

Friends of Animals are the kind of animal rights groups who, instead of vandalizing animal research labs and clinics, try and introduce bills that would find new alternatives to animal testing (a bill which, naturally, failed). Who instead of using disgusting and base tactics to try and subvert and/or coerce people into following their beliefs, use sense and reason and debating to try and make people see the light. Who, overall, don't act like the immoral lunatics PETA have become, quite simply. I would donate heartily to them if I had any money, and would definitely join if I were in any position to do so. But I cannot, so instead, let's just focus on beating the shit out of PETA. 'Cause they're seriously starting to deserve it.


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