Friday, June 12, 2009

A non-apology for a non-offense

I commented yesterday on the ridiculous scandal and bitching about David Letterman's jokes regarding Sarah Palin's family and daughter(s). Letterman has since issued his "official statement", if I can call it that, on his show Wednesday night. I think his reaction was spot-on, especially regarding how very mild the jokes-in-question were after all.

(Oh, and keeping in line with those dear hypocritical conservative methods, you cannot rate or comment on the video below. Poo.)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: jokes are not subject to outrage. At least, they shouldn't be. Jokes are not meant to be taken seriously, and anyone who does – well, it's their freakin' problem, not the comedian's. Low-brow humor (if we may call Letterman's little japes that) is just for humorous reasons. If you don't find it funny, or even find it offensive – no-one cares, and they will care even less if you start whining about it. All you can do is move on and find a joke you do like.

I personally commend Letterman for not giving in to this ridiculous crap from oversensitive feminists and defending his jokes as being merely that – jokes. They're not statements of his true thoughts or feelings, or of reality. They're made to make you laugh. The end.


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