Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spambots will send you the darndest things

I thought YouTube's registration was able to filter out autonomous spamming robots ... Guess not. Anyway, one sent me a video entitled "GAY = HELL (Sorry?)", which is apparently a re-enactment, word-for-word, of an Internet conversation between the vid's author, KSicsFaces, and some random homophobe. It's a larf, and I think KSicsFaces deals with it pretty well indeed. :P

"I lost my How Not to Talk Gay for Dummies book." Heehee.

Obviously a video of this nature would soon be swamped with replies, and it was, so KSicsFaces decided to put up a "Part 2!" vid just to respond to some of the comments he got. It's still pretty sweet.

Maybe that spambot was trying to gayify me ... too bad it's happened at birth.

(Meaning I'm openly accepting, not that I'm – y'know.)



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