Friday, June 19, 2009

Stupidest. Lawsuit. Ever.

And wouldn't you know it, it's about "religious discrimination" (so you know where this is going). An English Jewish couple are suing because of ... motion-detector lights in their vacation apartment.

Today's London Mail reports on an unusual religious discrimination lawsuit filed by an Orthodox Jewish couple in the British coastal resort town of Bournemouth. Dr. Dena Coleman, a head teacher at an Orthodox Jewish school in London and her husband Gordon, who purchased a vacation apartment in a building in the town in 2003, object to the motion-sensing light switch that the management company of their building placed in communal hallways six months ago. The Colemans complain that the sensor forces them to be prisoners in their own apartment on the Sabbath, since triggering the lights during the Sabbath by walking into the hallway violates their religious beliefs.

Mind if I ask how the hell triggering innocuous little motion-detection lights can possibly "violate their religious beliefs"? Or how lights can keep any rational or sane adults "prisoners" in their own apartment? Really, this is ridiculousness taken to a new level, even by religiosity standards.

Anyway, this particular issue is over, since the directors of the management company caved in and accepted to install an override switch to agree to the Coleman's whinings.

Seriously ...


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