Thursday, June 25, 2009

Whatever you do – DON'T call her "Liz"!!

Wednesday morning, DC insiders were treated to one of the most unforgettable and downright insane exchanges of eMails undoubtedly in the nation's history. Elizabeth Becton, the office manager and scheduler for Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.), has a no-longer-secret pet peeve: she really ... really ... hates being called by anything other than the full-length "Elizabeth". Some poor bloke found this out to his dismay (and perhaps even terror) when he made the lethal faux-pas of calling her "Liz" just once in an eMail concerning the details of a meeting. Elizabeth went absolutely apeshit, and the following exchange of no less than 19 eMails is testament to such.

You can read the full exchange of eMails here – or better yet, you can watch Keith Olbermann mocking the insane tantrum in his "WTF!?!" segment. A bit childish, perhaps, but it certainly does get the point across – and is hilariously entertaining, so there.

Poor Lizzie. (Yes, I called her "Lizzie".) Seriously girl – you need to get over it. People are gonna be calling you by nicknames and diminutives for the rest of your life (and presumably have been already), from "Lizzie" to "Liz", and perhaps even "Lizette" in there somewhere (some do get creative). Others are gonna call you "Beth". You can't avoid this, no more than a Robert can avoid being called "Bob", or a Susan can avoid a "Suzy", or an Alphonso can avoid "Alfie". Instead of going nuclear, how 'bout just telling them you don't like it, politely? Otherwise, you see, you're no more than cannon fodder for the likes of Olbermann – and anyone else who likes to laugh at sensitive clods like you're making yourself out to be.

Wow ...


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