Thursday, June 18, 2009

WorldNutDaily: dishonest and stupid

The agglomeration of hysterical inanity has another "exclusive" – read: "exclusively rubbish content no other news outlet would approach with a 10-foot pole" – in the form of yet another fundamentally dishonest and misleading headline:

Anyone who hasn't flat-out fallen out of their chairs laughing at the WND accusing another website of hosting "propaganda, wild theories" either has a disturbingly spartan sense of humor – or doesn't spend their waking hours customarily laughing at idiots as they should (because it's so much fun).

However, if one actually reads the text beyond the headline, they'll discover the aforementioned "anti-Semitic hate" is actually from comments left by readers at the site, and not its bloggers or contributors.

The Committee for Middle East Reporting in America, or CAMERA, monitored the Huffington Post for a brief period in March and May, finding the talkback threads that accompany the site's news articles and opinion columns routinely contained an alarming amount of hate material.

The report said that while such talkbacks can also be found at other sites, such as Britain's Guardian and the Independent newspaper websites, CAMERA focused on the Huffington Post "due to its large audience and because of the steady volume of hostile sentiment directed towards the Jewish state and its supporters."

Apparently, the idiots at WND are unable to distinguish between a news or blog site's actual contributors and journalists, and the random trolls and idiots who tag along and comment. But then, how could we expect them to? They can't really separate contributors from commenters in their content, when the WND's content and comments are both the same brand of paranoia and stupidity (with a twinge of vileness).


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