Friday, July 10, 2009

New Song: 'And So They Came'

'And So They Came'
By Joé McKen

'And So They Came'
Composed by Joé McKen

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Verse 1

I used to live in lands of gold
Yet always looking for darkness' call
As my mother used to say,
Be happy, be happy

Verse 2

We sought to hide from our enemies
Lived to fear what would come near
My mother said, just to reassure,
Be happy, be happy

Verse 3

And so they came from the fields of grey
Burned the lands and hunted us
The day we hid is the day we prayed
Keep us safe and them away

Verse 4

And so she told me,
Be happy, be happy
They came and went in a blurry haze
All was gone and I was lost
In the night, you can see the flames
They took my life and thew away
Look in the eyes of darkness boding ...
Be happy, be happy

One of the scenes in my 'The Path to War' novels involves a very depressed group of rebels, convinced they are about to be sent out to die in a battle they cannot possibly win, and they start to chant a traditional folk-ish song about war, fear, and etc. to try and raise their spirits a little. So, just for fun, I decided to try my hand at writing a "traditional"-esque song with a classical guitar, and this is what I turned out. I like it so far, though I can't wait for a microphone when I'll be able to replace the incorrigibly shoddy MIDI chorale voices with my own. #La-dee-da ...#

Written & recorded with Guitar Pro 5.2.

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