Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Another Taser-happy cop, another fouled child, another lawsuit

Apparently for this cop, just having a young girl run away from you is good enough reason to shoot her in the head with a Taser.

NEW MEXICO (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A girl from New Mexico is recovering after being hit in the head with a Taser by police.

It all started when the 14 year old got in a fight with her mother. Her mom drove her to the police station looking for help.

When they got there the girl took off running and the police chief later found her in a nearby park.

When he approached the girl the chief says she took off running again. He says he told her to stop, but when she didn't, he hit her with the Taser.

Right. She poses no threat at all and hints at no menacing acts whatsoever, she just tries to run away. Of course that's good grounds for shooting her in the head with a Taser. My, these trigger-happy cops.

And of course, that's not what the girl claims happened. She contends that she didn't even try to run away, that he never warned her before shooting his Taser at her.

Whichever may be true is up for debate; as of now, she's had surgery to fix the injury to her head from the Taser, and also to help with a stick that "got lodged in her face" when she fell.

Anyway; now the girl and her mother are suing the department, while the police chief (the one who Tased the girl himself) defends his actions.

Look, either way, whether the girl tried to run away or not, the point is she was of no threat whatsoever to the cop or anyone else for that matter; she just tried to escape. Cops aren't allowed to shoot and injure you just for running away if you pose no threat and are just scared, as this girl was. And seriously: couldn't he pick a better spot than her head? Any burst of electrical current that close to my brain would freak me out.

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