Friday, July 17, 2009

The government moves to save wild horses (and burros)?

I know, I'm shocked too. Okay, not shocked, but this is a pleasant surprised: the House has voted to expand the range available to America's wild horses and burros, which will free them from spending eternities in small padlocks and pulling them away from execution:

WASHINGTON » The House has voted to expand the range of the nation's wild horses and burros by millions of acres and to block a plan to kill thousands of the animals to prevent overgrazing.

The bill passed 239-185 Friday.

Supporters say the additional land and other measurers are needed to free thousands of mustangs and burros from holding pens and to prevent their slaughter.

An estimated 36,000 wild horses and burros live in 10 Western states. Federal officials estimate that's about 9,400 more than can exist in balance with other rangeland resources.

The measure would stop the government from slaughtering healthy horses and prohibit keeping them in holding pens for more than six months

Great news for animal-lovers everywhere.


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