Sunday, July 19, 2009

Movin' on up to bigger and better things: TypePad

It's official: I've decided to create a whole new blog over at TypePad. TypePad offers far more flexibility than I can get with Blogger – not to mention I can finally host my own damned files on their servers/my site instead of scrambling around to find image hosts, media hosts, etc. – and with just a reasonably small price ($12 a month or so I think?) I can get pretty much anything I ever dreamed of for a blog.

That's not to say I'm closing Respectful Defiance right here and now, of course. First I need to get myself a job (as soon as I find a good one in the newspaper), and with the starting salary in Québec currently set at a very pleasing $9/hour (imagine, after only five days I'd already have over $360!), it really shouldn't be all that difficult.

RD will continue to operate whilst I get a job and amass the money necessary. Once the new blog is opened and operating, I will then lock this place down for the final time. I'll keep it up and running, but only as an archive as I will not be posting to it (though you will still be able to comment on blog posts if you wish).

I'm also planning to change the blog's name for the future blog. "Respectful Defiance" just doesn't work as well as I planned it to: it's too long, it's awkwardly similar to a certain other blog, and it doesn't really seem to fit all that well with the blog content and purpose. The comments are entirely open to suggestions: anyone got any ideas? I'd love to hear 'em. =)


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