Monday, July 06, 2009

New Song: 'Time Again' (short version)

'Time Again'
(short version)
By Joé McKen

'Time Again'
Composed by Joé McKen

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Note that this is a shortened, cut-down version of the song. 'Time Again' is basically the same motifs played over and over with changing lyrics and vocals in the background, and the whole thing is about 3 minutes long, which is too long to be playing the same thing over and over again. This will nonetheless give you a good idea what the song is like until I get a microphone and record my vocals over it.

This is simply a little motif that just popped into my head (I do love it when that happens), so I quickly wrote it down and this is exactly what I got. I wanna keep this song extremely simple: it's only a single acoustic guitar playing with some vocals accompanying it, nothing more, but the end result is a good one I believe. You be the judge. ;)

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Verse 1

Time again
To take the road that no-one's took before
Time, my friend
To look up past the mountains at the shimmering stars above
Hmm, ooh, ooh
When the time comes the angels will come down before the dawn
And when the world is different, and you don't know what to do
Just sing a song, just any song, and let the whispers come to you

Verse 2

Carry me away ...
Set me by that flowing little creek
Fly with your golden wings
Time and time again, you will fly high in the skies
Ooh, you're so beautiful, my angel
And before you know it, it's a treasure wrapped in blue
Time again ...
Time ...

Written & recorded with Guitar Pro 5.2.

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