Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh noes – we're being h4cked!!!

UPDATE (July 10, 11:20 PM): It seems the images are slowly but surely coming back online (example, the portraits to the left were unavailable before whereas now I can see them again). Let's hope this continues and that these "Anti-Sec" twits were serious when they said "no images were harmed". I really, REALLY don't feel like reuploading every single image I use on this blog. I'd lose my hair to insanity before I reached half of them, and that's when I realize I don't even have backups for half of them ...

As you will notice, the vast majority of the images from this site – and, in fact, many other sites across the Web – have been hijacked by this so-called "Anti-Sec" group or whatever the fuck they are. It seems to be affecting any website that uses as an image hosting site, as we do at Respectful Defiance.

Remind me to wring the neck of any little hacker(s) I meet. Useless little shits.

Guess it's on to damage control now. Greeaat.


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